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Liquid cooling evaporators for lowering the temperature of the liquid, which is in contact with the heat transfer surfaces. As air-cooled condensers, liquid cooling evaporators vaiy in their type and construction in accordance with the requirements and the application to function. These evaporators are called liquid coolers or liquid coolers. It uses liquid cooled in liquid cooling evaporator applications is pumped into other heat transfer coils absorb heat from the air is distributed in space. There are five types of liquid chillers for General use, are described in this section. In all five samples, the factors that influence die performance liquid coolers are the same as those that regulate performance of air cooling evaporators and other heat transfer surfaces.

Two-Pipe Cooler

Two-trumpet system of liquid cooler consists of two different pipe diameter, located on the lower tube positioned in the center of the larger tube. Liquid to be chilled flows through the internal (less)tube, while the refrigerant passes through the annular space between the inner and outer tube.

Two-pipe coolers can be operated dry-expansion or flooded coil systems of supply of the refrigerant. In any case liquids in pipes flow in opposite directions (counterflow), produce a relatively high rate of heat transfer. These evaporators also known as the pipe in tuhe andjacketed heat exchangers.

In two-trumpet system of chiller design, larger diameter pipe welded vertical refrigerant headers. Smaller internal diameter pipes pass through both side walls of the headers. They are connected to each other removable return elbows to form

liquid loop. The benefits of this design in its rigid structure, elimination of refrigerant elbows and availability pipes for internal cleaning. However, this type of cooler has the disadvantage of requiring more space than some other design cooler, especially in its height requirements. Two-pipe coolers are used in special applications in winemaking and brewing industry to cool the liquid used to make a beverage, and in die oil industry, oil cooling...

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