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Industrial refrigeration equipment, chillers

Refrigeration and Air conditioning absorb about 15% in the UK, electricity, and this is not always appreciated that refrigeration technology this is an important part of our modern life. Without it, the distribution of food for urban areas, may be impossible. In a typical office environment, air conditioning, may exceed 30% of the annual electricity consumption, but who cares about the verification system to see if it is effective?


Refrigeration equipment

Reducing the environmental impact of cooling and at the same time, maintain and extend the expectations of the driver of the many developments that have occurred since the last edition. Aimed at students and professionals in other areas, not too theoretical, but with sufficient depth to give the understanding of the problems, this project takes the reader from the basics to the system design, applications, specifications, contracts and maintenance.

Almost each category can be expanded in the project itself, and references are provided to help those wishing to delve deeper. Standards and legislation may change, and readers are advised to consult the Institute of Refrigeration website for the latest developments.

Refrigeration the cooling effect, and in practice this requires the removal of heat and discarding it to the higher temperature. Refrigeration therefore, science moves heat from a low temperature to high temperature. In addition to cooling and freezing applications, cooling is used in air conditioning and heat pumps thus fall within the scope of this project. The fundamental principles are those of physics and thermodynamics, and these principles, which are relevant to all applications.


Restored refrigeration plant and Equipment

  • Air and Water-Cooled Chillers
  • Reaching -100 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving technological liquids
  • Ideal for heavy industrial applications
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the customer's individual needs

One of the peculiarities of industrial refrigeration equipment in the range of temperatures, it embraces. At the boiling temperature can reach 15C (60F), the range extends to approximately -60 or -70C (-76 or -94F). At temperatures much lower than about -70C (-94F) other industries " cryogenics takes, manufacture and use of liquefied natural gas, Chillers, nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid coolants. If industrial refrigeration were described as in the refrigeration what is happening in the food, chemical and processing industry, that, probably two-thirds of the applications will be covered. Another significant application exists in the processing industry and in laboratories where special conditions, especially low temperatures, should be saved. When the low temperature range may be the best single means of characterizing industrial refrigeration, some industrial heat pumps, which reject heat at much higher temperatures than the ambient temperature can also be called industrial refrigerating equipment.

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