Компрессор пневмотормозов википедия

Compressor packs


This term is used to describe an Assembly of several compressors mounted on a frame, complete with liquid receiver, suction and discharge headers oil separation and the oil return piping and controls (Fig. 13.4 and 13.5). They are widely used in centralized supermarket systems and compressors serving low-temperature evaporators and those that serve chill load can be mounted on a single frame and tap respectively. Plants provide an effective means for dealing with a wide range of cooling load.

There can be up to 10 small compressors, either highlight or semi-hermetic and it offers a large number of capacity steps when you turn on the compressor. Furthermore, less was uneven compressors can be used. The compressor is usually the order of individual supermarket requirements, although manufacturers will probably use a standardized design and construction methods.

The concept was expanded to the plant, built on the roof of the units, where the compressor installation package in the whole capacitor housing (Fig.



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