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Plate surface evaporator

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Plate Surfaces Of Evaporators

Plate surfaces of evaporators are of several kinds. As a bare-tube evaporators, they are also called Prime surface coil. One popular version, as shown below, consists of two flat sheets of metal. One in the form of a coil pipe pressed into it, while other apartments. Two welded together, forming a circuit through which the refrigerant travel. Plate adds heat transfer surface area of the coil, but not to such an extent that the fins to do. This type of evaporator popular refrigerators and freezers.

The sheet surface of the evaporator economical to manufacture, easily cleaned and is thawed, and can be easily formed in various forms in accordance with the product in which it is contained. It is often used to cool the product through direct contact, as plate-surface coil can be used as a shelf surface. Many of these coils are used in the frozen food industry. It's also well suited for cooling of liquid and ice storage systems. Freezer sections, frozen food display cases, and ice cream cabinets other applications for this type of evaporator. As flooded and D-X systems of supply of the refrigerant used plate surface evaporators...

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