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Cold storage has seen many improvements in technology, in the period from 1945 to the present day, resulting in improved quality and productivity insulation and door structures. Old types of insulation, usually prone to deterioration, leading to a loss of efficiency and increase of current expenditures to maintain the required temperature. At the beginning of shops, as a rule, were small and with a small height multi-camera possibility to use different products are stored at different temperatures.

In the early 1970s, there was a growth of mass long-term storage, requiring large wardrobes and relatively few doors. With the increase in demand for fresh, frozen foods and cold there has since throughput move in the direction of storage with a rapid turnover of goods requiring improve access and rack systems. EU rules now require, as usual, chilled, prisoner landings.

Refrigerating warehouses built in total, starting around 1990 invested landings either internal or external cameras with insulating panels, quickly closing the door with the number of ports and freight berthing facilities. They are designed to meet the objectives of the integrated static or mobile shelves. Height (variable but usually 10 or more recent buildings of more than 12 m and 30 m.....

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