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Calculation of power of the cooler unit (split-system, monoblock) for the shock freezing chamber

Equipment for shock freezing is used in all enterprises producing frozen foods with the aim of optimization of all fabrication stages. Freezing of products has preserving influence and prevents spoilage.
  • Shock freezing is widely used for:
  • Quick freezing of fresh and cooled meat;
  • Shock freezing of semi-prepared foods;
  • Quick freezing of fowl meat and fish;
  • Shock freezing of prepared food;
  • Quick freezing of by-products.

Example of the input data:

  • Outer dimensions of the chamber: indicate in meters, for example 2
  • Temperature inside the chamber the desired temperature inside the chamber. The temperature of -32 is usually used for freezing. One may use -25. Enter one number with the minus sign, for example -32.
  • Temperature outside the chamber temperature of the environment, for example 28.
  • Temperature of the product carried into - temperature of the product carried into the chamber. Influences the power of the equipment. Enter for example 25.
  • Mass of the product kg/h the mass of the product you want to freeze for an hour to the temperature inside the chamber. Meaning we place 30 kg of meat and in an hour its temperature makes -32 . Enter the mass 90.
Capacity towards the product, kg/hourVolume of the chamber, m3
25 8
50 11
75 14
100 14
150 18
200 20
250 25
350 50
450 75



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