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Technical information Chillers START-UP CONTROL


There are two basic methods used to manage a start-up with water cooling:
  1. The most common method is guide initiation. With this method, the object of the operational staff decides to launch a system based on the time of year, outside temperature, and/or the number of hot complaints received from tenants. This method is widely used in Northern climates, more distinctly separate heating and cooling seasons.
  2. The outdoor temperature can be a trigger for the start of the chilled water system, particularly if the airside economizer system used in the facility. With economizers, outdoor air will satisfy the requirement of cooling at a temperature below the air-handling units discharge temperature set-point, usually around 55F. This temperature, then, is installed as change chilled water temperature in the system starts with the outdoor temperature rises above this value.
Starting with water cooling means, firstly, from the chilled water distribution pumps. After that, hmm will run under its internal control, if the chilled water supply temperature is above its setpoint condition.

Firstly, water cooling will begin its condenser water pump. Then, if both threads chilled water and condenser water is proved using the relay flow (preferably, differential pressure type), the chiller will start.

In addition to the flow switches, each chiller is equipped with necessary safety in the operation of means of protection of the refrigerating machine from damage:

  1. Low temperature of the refrigerant
  2. Low temperature chilled water
  3. High condensing pressure
  4. Low oil pressure

if any of these conditions, the chiller will be stopped and require manual investigation and reset before work could be continued. For rotary compressors of refrigeration machines, as a rule, there are two additional security crotchless:

  1. High temperature windings of the motor
  2. Motor overload (strong)
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