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Lowside float valve

In lowside float valve metering device that controls the flow of a sail on the side of low pressure (lowside) metering valve. He maintains a constant level of liquid in the evaporator. As the cooling load on the evaporator increases the liquid boiled away and the level of the liquid in the evaporator and the float chamber falls. As a float drops, it opens the metering orifice. This discovery is recognized fluid from the high pressure side. As the load on the evaporator is reduced, less liquid boiled away and the liquid level rises, therefore, the float rises, closing the hole.

In lowside float valve, as a rule, designed and installed by the manufacturer. Field selection and installation is the exception, not the rule.

In lowside float can be installed directly in the evaporator, as shown above), or are in a separate float chamber, as shown here. When installed in a separate float chamber, in both upper and lower chambers must be connected to the evaporator so that the fluid level is the same in both chambers at all times.

Flooded evaporators, as a rule, use the lowside float.

In lowside float is one of the best metering devices available to the flooded evaporators, whether large or small. This provides excellent handling and ease of execution, which makes it very reliable. It can be used with any refrigerant...

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