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Technical information Chillers Primary-Secondary Parallel Configuration

Primary-Secondary Parallel Configuration

Each configuration discussed earlier are, in fact, a constant flow systems that use three-way control valves on the refrigeration coils. A constant flow systems circulation same amount of chilled water, no matter that the imposed load on the cooling system and, consequently, lead to a high pumping energy costs.

To reduce these costs, primary-secondary flow variable pipelines location is shown in Fig. 2.6 is very common. Here the production cycle using two chillers is hydraulically isolated from the distribution loop piping bridge. Bridge a short section of the pipeline shared by the two loops, and are designed for little or no pressure drop. Thus, the thread in any cycle does not influence the flow in the other.

On the primary or production cycle hand, the system acts as a multiple pump parallel chiller installation, as described in C. 2.2.2. RSS in this cycle varies steps as chillers set on or off and their respective pumps are started and stopped.

However, in the middle or distribution cycle cooling coil use twoway control of valves and pump(s) is equipped with a frequency Converter, controller, which modulates flow from 0 to 100% depending on the entered cooling load.

Thus, this cycle has a flow variable, but the regular range. At any load, the temperature of the water is the same as the temperature of the water leaving the chiller(s), since the production loop flow rate equals or exceeds the cycle of flow distribution.

Table 2.5 provides data on performance and temperature conditions for this configuration in different load conditions...

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