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Multistage SystemCascade and Compound

Ultracold temperatures are not economically possible with a single-stage system. The compression level can be too high to get the necessary boiling and condensation of gases on the temperature. In such cases, a multi-level system is used. Name, multistage, refers to any of the refrigeration system with more than one stage of compression. There are two main types; cascade and compound.

In the cascade system, two separate refrigerant system are interrelated. Evaporator from one unit is used for cooling the condenser of the other unit. This allows the unit to operate at a lower temperature and pressure than is possible with the same size single-stage system.

Cascade systems can be used to obtain temperature below-250F (-157). This system is actually two independent units. This allows you wish to use two different refrigerarits. Composite systems obtaining low temperatures with the help of several compressors, related m series systems of cooling. This can increase performance and efficiency of the low-temperature refrigeration systems.

Couple in the low-temperature system has a high specific volume.

In a single-stage system, this will require Ionger than conventional compressor piston shock, operating at high speeds. Due to temperature, it would also reduce the volumetric efficiency. The cost of the surgery would be too great. In a complex system, the first stage compressor exceeds the average stage compressor, hi every stage of the compressor is becoming less and less, because the higher the level, the more dense pairs.

Components of refrigeration systems using two-stage compression equipment can produce temperatures from -20-80 F toF (-29-62 C toC). The three stages of systems (three compressors), capable of maintaining the temperature 135F (-93C)...

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