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Refrigerating Systems. Receivers

Some refrigeration units have enough space in the capacitor can accommodate the refrigerant from the system. If the capacitor does not have sufficient space, a receiving tank should be provided. The amount of refrigerant required for the proper functioning of the system, determines whether or not the recipient is required. In practice, if the correct operation of the installation requires about 3.6 kg or more refrigerant, using the receiver is essential (Langley, 1982).

Receivers (Fig. 3.25) is required for the cooling systems that use the expansion valve for refrigerant control. The receiver provides a place to store excess refrigerant in the system, when the expansion valve limits the flow in the evaporator. Receivers not required, however, when using capillary system of accounting. Moreover, to take into account fluctuations in the refrigerant receiver strives to keep the condenser drain the liquid, thereby preventing the level of the liquid from the creation of a condenser and a reduction in the effective surface of the condenser region.



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