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Oil pressure sensor

All compressors except the smallest mechanical lubrication and will fail if the oil pressure drops due to a faulty pump or oil shortage. Where oil pump used a cut that will stop the compressor in case of insufficient oil pressure. This takes the form of a differential pressure switch, starting with the time delay.

Oil pump input into the sump (suction) pressure gauge on the suction side of the pump will indicate the total pressure at this point higher than the atmospheric one, i.e. suction sensor plus pump head. Any member of the discovery of the true pressure oil pump must feel the sides of the inlet and outlet of the pump from the integral pressure transducer and the difference. Oil pressure cut outs have connections to both sides of the oil pump and two inner bellows against measure the difference.

Because there is no oil pressure at the time of launch, the delay time must be set to oil pressure to grow. This timer can be thermal, mechanical or electrical. Oil production cut-out indicates a state of emergency, and such controls are carried out with manual reset switches. Switch contacts can be used to control, alarm and malfunction warning. Several compressor manufacturers offer oil protection of electronic systems that provide additional functionality, while maintaining the flexibility to fold a hand.


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