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The One-Circuit Evaporators

Evaporators that are built in a single refrigerant circuit perform satisfactorily within the limits of their registration circuit load. Liquid refrigerant enters the top of one circuit evaporator and outputs in the form of steam at the bottom of the coil as shown in Fig. 14-9. This configuration is found in domestic and small commercial refrigerators, freezers and air driers. Because the amount of refrigerant increases as it evaporates, velocity and pressure on foot coil increase progressively from the inlet to the outlet of the Bay. Both variables have reached its maximum at the bottom of the coil, where the refrigerant is 100% of par.

Break The Chains Evaporators

Growing pressure drop that occurs in latterpart single flash evaporators can be reduced by dividing one circuit (at the bottom) of the evaporator. This strategy disintegrates evaporator single chain in two parallel paths, where a pressure drop approaches settlement. Above here in the coil, all the refrigerant flows in the same chain. After the refrigerant flow to pass through two paths, however, its speed is reduced by half, because its flow rate through each loop is also decreased two times.

Therefore, the pressure drop through die lengdi parallel circuit is also reduced. Aldiough this design allows the greater loading coil decrease in the rate of the split part of the coil can create problems with the return of oil in the bottom of the load circuit.


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