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Viscous filters

In fact, these filters have a large dust holding capacity, but low efficiency, and this determines their scope; for example, they are more suitable for use in industrial areas, where the high level of pollution of the atmosphere prevails. Their disadvantage is, as a rule, invoice, especially in the automatic version.

Filtration principle viscous is that if a mixture of dust and air is forced to follow the winding road to negotiations to pass through the filter material, inertial separation of the more massive dust from the air into the lungs will occur. If the filter material is covered with a suitable oily liquid, particles of dust trapped oil and retained, air, passing on. Therefore, oil must have a surface tension low enough to easy entry permit for dust. Once in oil, it is desirable to disperse the dust must, not staying in one place, but is stored in depth throughout filter (from here a large dust holding capacity). Thus, it is necessary that the oil should have a sufficiently high, capillarity, to encourage the dust flow from its entry point for oil.

It is also important that the oil must be non-flammable, non-toxic, bactericidal and comparatively-evaporating. Oil should not deteriorate during his life. There are two types of viscous filter: chamber type and automatic type.

Cell type consists of cheap keeping the window open in the front and rear, which contains the filter media. Medium (often some form of industrial wastes such as chips, brass chips and others) applied oil, and cells are collected in the battery convenient form and posted throughout, air flow for filtering purposes. After use, dirty cells or discarded and replaced with new cells, or, if they were chosen with this in mind, they can be processed with cold washed, drained, and was faced with fresh oil for future use.

Automatic filtering of viscous takes the form of a continuous flow of material coated with butter and a motor-driven through the airstream. It is arranged so that roll drawn through the trough of oil in the bottom of the Assembly. Trough serves a dual purpose, washing away the dirt and replacement of insulation fabric roll with relatively clean oil. Material fabric takes many forms: one is the array folding metal plates, bent down, due to dirty air flow to change direction several times, thus achieving the inertial separation of dust in the butter, if desired, other versions of automatic filtering of viscous designed to use oil solutions and pumps. Fig. 17.4 illustrates cells and automatic type.

The pressure drop through these filters range from 40 to 140 PA, and recommended air velocities on the face-1.7 to 2.5 m s"1. Viscous filters are not very effective in removing particles of size less than 0.5 pm...

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