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expansion valve

In Fig. 15-13 typical, simplified, thermostatic expansion valve is shown. Type of the equipment serviced, this type of metering device is most effective. Using a device such as this piece of equipment, the value is elevated. The use of this valve is required listener will be used. If it is more expensive to produce units such as this, why not use a different account device? The advantage of this type of metering device is its ability to respond to variable load factors. Look at the diagram in Fig. 15-13 again. Sensitive lamp is installed in the suction line at the outlet of the evaporator. If the temperature is too high, the valve is opened to more refrigerant type coil. If the temperature measured should be low, throttle valve the refrigerant flowing into the coil. That is the main advantage of this type of instrument accounting, his senses increase in thermal load and can compensate for this. For example, at a wedding, when people sit inactively, the heat buildup will be low. If the reception were in the same room, and people began to dance, thermal load will increase. A device used in commercial type of refrigeration system, in which people are constantly opening and closing the device works very well up with the demand.


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