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Natural Convection Capacitors

Natural convection capacitors built with bare or finned tubes or tubes attached to a thin metal plate. The finned pipes design, fin pitch is large enough so little resistance presented to the circulation of air flows. The wider spacing also limits fouling dirt, hair, dust and lint. Finned condenser tubes is usually mounted on the rear of the refrigerating unit, although they can also be mounted inside the compressor cavity located on the bottom panel of the device.

Plate capacitors are mounted on the back of the refrigerator so that the duct is formed between the plate and the divisions of the corps. This design strategy increases air circulation through the condensers heat transfer surfaces, allowing a chimney effect circulation develop. Fireplace effect is a natural convection circulation diat develops when air is heated in the mine, and allowed to grow. The volume of air, leaving the upper shaft replaced by cooler air coming in the bottom. By positioning plate capacitor, a few inches from the back of the Cabinet, the shaft is formed.

As the air is heated by the capacitor, it rises and is replaced by cooler air entering the lower end of the condenser. Regardless die type of natural convection capacitor busy, it is important diat refrigeration unit to be configured, which allows air to circulate freely. Locations near heat producing equipment should also be avoided.

Consumption of air circulating on the surface of the natural convection of capacitors is relatively low. Therefore, large heat transfer surface is needed for each device refrigerating capacity. As the physical dimensions of equipment is limited, the surface area and the potential of natural convection condenser, are also limited. As a consequence of these restrictions, natural-cooled condensers are applied only to a lesser load applications, such as domestic refrigerators, freezers, small commercial and small laboratory equipment...

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