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Forced Greasing

In forced way of grease, oil is forced under pressure through a pipe and rifles, drilled passages. Pressure is developed by a small oil pump crankshaft driven compressor. After the oil is forced into the bearings and between moving surfaces, drains by gravity back to the Carter Carter. The pump is usually installed at the end of the crankcase or gearbox.

The majority of oil pumps automatically reversible. Thus, the direction of rotation of the shafts, as a rule, is not critical, given the compressor, lubrication system. However, this does not apply to all forceed the filing of the compressor, or a spike in systems using oil dippers. When the engine speed is crucial for the compressor's operation, arrows indicating the correct direction of rotation, as a rule, embossed on the flywheel or thrown into the crankcase. In some large compressors, cylinders are lubricated mechanical forced lubricators, located external to the crankshaft. In such cases, the cylinder lubrication system is completely separate from the internal pressure in the lubrication system.

Oil pressure failure switch security is typically used in combination with forced lubrication systems.

These protective devices are open to the control circuit compressor shut-off in low engine oil pressure. There is a delay die included in the sensor circuit that delay safety device for a few seconds compressor after the engine starts. This allows the pressure until the safety circuit is activated.

Oil Filters, Oil filters are always placed at the pump suction pump oil to prevent ingress of foreign material into the pump bearings. Although not required, oil filters profitable in all forced greasing systems, because they minimize the possibility of an oil line becomes plugged accumulation of sludge or other traces of...

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