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Types Of Evaporators

  • type of constructionbare pipes, plate-finned surface or-Tyube
  • schema configurationsingle, split, transverse or counter-current
  • method of delivery of the refrigerantdry-expansion, widespread refrigerator flooded
  • method of air circulationnatural or forced convection
The evaporator is a heat-transfer device in which a volatile liquid is allowed to evaporate, removing heat from the space or product. Evaporators are used in mechanical refrigeration systems for absorption of thermal energy. Air, water and brine, which are usually used to absorb heat from the food premises and production processes to maintain the temperature and humidity within the design parameters. These fluids transport of energy in the evaporator of a natural or forced convection currents. Energy is transferred from the transporting liquid to the surface of the evaporator due to the heat. The heat is conducted through the evaporator surfaces for the refrigerant pipes. Refrigerant absorbs heat, as the hidden transfer and transfer heat energy compressor, as superheated steam.

Evaporators are made in a variety of types, shapes, sizes and designs to meet the needs of the many and varied applications of mechanical refrigeration.

The device used for cooling air are usually called air cooling units, while the evaporators are used for cooling of liquids, called liquid coolers.

The physical configuration of the evaporator and its operation are designed to maximize the efficiency of the device and a mechanical system. The following sections describe these characteristics of the evaporator detail...

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