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Refrigerating Systems. Evaporators

Evaporator can be considered a point of trapping heat in the refrigeration systems and provides a cooling effect required for each specific application. There are almost as many different types of evaporators and there are applications of heat exchangers. However, evaporators are divided into two categories, such as : (i) direct cooler, evaporators, that cold air, which in turn cools the product and (ii) indirect cooler, evaporators that cool fluids, such as saline solution, which in turn cools the product. Usually the correct evaporator comes with the system. However, there are situations when designing a system, and therefore to determine the requirements and choose the evaporator from the manufacturer directory, or manually.

In practice, the following evaporators are widely used for cooling, cooling, freezing and air conditioning:

Fluid coolers,
Air cooling and/or gas coolers.

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