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Technical information Compressors AH compressors

OH compressors

"OH compressors are designed for residential and commercial Air conditioning and heat pump application (see Fig. 9-17). They can be received either three or four mounting points (see Fig. 9-18). Internal line-break protection of the motor is used. It is located exactly in the centre of the radiator position in the motor windings. Thus, it detects excessive motor winding temperature and protects the compressor from excess heat and/or current flow (see Fig. 9-19).

Snap-on terminal cover Assembly is shown in Fig.

9-20. It is intended for installation without tools. Molded fiberglass terminalcover can be achieved and is held in place bale belt.

This AH compressor series has a capacitor in a chain, as shown in Fig. 9-21. This компрессор designed for single phase operation. Fig. 9-22 shows the terminal box with the position of the terminals and the ways in which they are joined to start, start, and total.

"OH compressors are measured in Btu / hour. They range from 3,500 to 40 000 BTU/H. These models use a 45 oz oil for a fee. They are used as air conditioner and almost any other temperature range applications. They use R-134a or a suitable substitute or R-22 refrigerant.

ISM compressors

ISM (inner spring mount) series compressors ranges from 1/8 to 1 HP Their temperature range from 30 to 10F (34 to 12C) and from 20 to 55F (6 to 13C). Oil charge either 40 or 45 oz, depending on the specific model.

AU AR compressors

The AU and the AR compressors are manufactured in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4 HP dimensions. They are mainly used for air-conditioning. Most models use R-22, except for a few models that use the R-134a or its equivalent replace. In the 30-oz oil consumption is standard, except one of the 1/2-hp models. Because such exceptions, you should refer to the specification chart for information on the specific model number in a row.

AB compressors

AB also compressors are used for Air conditioning units. However, they are larger, starting with 19 000 Btu/h rating expansion up to 24000 Btu, or a 2-ton limit. Keep in mind that 12,000 Btu is equal to 1 tonne. Refrigerant 22 used with 36-oz oil consumption.

AK compressors

Model compressors AK measured in Btu / hour. They have to 7000 12000 Btu rating range. All models AK compressors are used for air conditioning. Refrigerant R-22. 17-oz oil consumption is used on all models.

AE compressors

AE compressors are used for household refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, machines and water chillers (see Fig. 9-12). They are made in 1/20, 1/12, 1/8, 1/6-, 1/5, 1/4 HP units. Oil fee may be 10, 16, 20 or 23 oz. This AE compressor model line is used R-134a or an acceptable substitute, and, in some cases, R-22 as a refrigerant. Older models still in use may have R-12 refrigerant. Equipment service older it is best to remember some of the old charges.

T compressor

T compressor models have 1/6-1/5 up, 1/4-1/3-HP engines. All of these models using refrigerant R-134a or its equivalent replacement. Smaller size, use the 38-oz oil charge, while the more powerful models use a 32 oz. They temperatures range from 30 to 10F (34 to 12C) and from 20 to 55F (6.6 to 13C).

Damn Compressors

Damn models referred to as " P " as the first letter of the serial number. They are made with 1/20 - 1/3-HP engines. They all use the oil charge 22 oz and R-134a or the last substitution as a refrigerant. They have a temperature range from 20 to 55F (from 6 to 13C). Less horsepower models are used where 30 to 10F (34 to 12C) is not required.

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