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Leak Detection

Leak detection uses secure methods of detection of violations in hermetic refrigerating systems, which allows the escape of refrigerant and oil and dirt and moisture from the system.

Industry sources claim that most of refrigerants produced each year, are used to replace refrigerant lost through leakage and poor service procedures performed on the existing equipment. Refrigerant losses due to leakage can be reduced substantially by die installation of continuous monitoring devices in the refrigeration equipment notification numbers of operational staff in the presence of refrigerant vapors in the environment. This strategy saves refrigerant, and helps to prevent worker exposure and damage to the environment. These devices are required by many of construction norms for large quantities of heavier-than-air refrigerants are used in equipment, located in the closed premises. This prevents personnel entering the room suffocated from lack of air, which was dismantled refrigerant during the great brain. Other methods of leak detection are described in the subsections that follow.

Leakage in any of the refrigeration system are destructive to the system, prohibiting it from operating correctly and environmental damage.

When the system pressure above atmospheric pressure at the point of refrigerant leakage are dispersed in the atmosphere. Conversely, when a leak is where the pressure below atmospheric pressure, no leakage of the refrigerant air and moisture are drawn into the same system. As a rule, external leaks are more harmful to the environment, but less serious than internal leakages. In the case of inward leakage of air and moisture drawn into the system of discharge, pressure and temperature, speed up the formation of acids and the rate of corrosion. The presence of moisture in the system may also cause a hang on refrigerant metering device.


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