Pressure switch

Pressure Control Switches

One characteristic of security for air-conditioning units with compressor and condenser pressure, a managed switch. This switch is connected in the circuit to protect the system in case of system develops leaks. If a leak develops, it can be done in moisture and air, and corrupt the entire system. If the pressure builds too high, it may cause ruptures any seams or weaknesses in the system.

Low voltage (24 V) the relay is wired 240-V line, that delivery of the compressor motor. The relay contacts are wired line power for the engine (see Fig. 14-22). Electromagnetic relay is connected in series with two pressure-switch. If the pressure builds too high, high switch will open and cause electromagnetic to disconnect. If this happens, it causes the relay contacts to open. This removes power from the engine compressor. If the low pressure switch opens, he will do the same. Thus, the compressor is protected from both high-and low-pressure causing damage to the system.

Both manual and automatic control. Automatic control reset when the pressure is stabilized in the system. If this is not stabilized, it will again turn off the system and keep recycling, until it reaches the design pressure.


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