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Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal compressors are designed for use with high capacity systems, ranging in size from 50 to 5000 tons. In this type of compressor the pair moves outward as he quickly moved in a circular path. This action is called the centrifugal force. (However, the correct term is "centripetal force".) Steam is supplied to housing close to the centre of the compressor. Disk with radial blades (impellers) spins rapidly in this case. It makes pair against an external diameter. Pressure purchased a small, that some of these compressor wheels or wheel set. This creates a differential pressure pumps and a sufficient amount of steam. Centrifugal compressor looks like a steam turbine or compressor air gas-turbine engines.

Centrifugal compressor has the advantage of simplicity. There are no valves and pistons and cylinders. Only wear parts, bearings. Pumping efficiency increases with speed, so compressors are designed to operate at high speeds.


4-70-cross-section through a two-stage centrifugal compressor. The drive motor is mounted between the stages. At the entrance to the left in the figure. Discharge in the back on the right end not shown. Fig. 4-71 pictures of centrifugal compressor mounted in refrigerating systems. In the context of views showing the refrigerant as it passes through the system is shown in Fig. 4-71B. The compressor is constantly draws refrigerant vapor from the refrigerator. As the compressor suction reduces the pressure in the cooler, remaining refrigerant boils off. The energy required to boil obtained from the water flowing through the pipes. When thermal energy is removed, the water gets cold enough for use in Air conditioning the circuit. After extracting the heat from the water vapour refrigerant is compressed. It is unloaded from the compressor in capacitor.

Chilled water flowing into the condenser tubes removes heat from the refrigerant. Hie vapor condenses into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant goes through the hole in flash subcooler chamber. Part of the liquid flashes, steam, cooling the remaining liquid. Flash vapor recon-sealed pipes, which are cooled by water input capacitor. The liquid flows into the float valve chamber bv camera flash and cooler. Float valve prevents any camera flash steam from the entrance of the cooler. The refrigerant is currently on the temperature and pressure at which the cycle began. The cycle is completed.


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