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The materials used in the construction of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and heat pumps are standard engineering materials, but there are several interesting places:
  1. Compressor bodies, as a rule, are made of cast iron, although some of them are made of mild steel. Sealed types of steel shells.
  2. Compressor pistons made of cast iron or aluminium, not later, after the automotive practice.
  3. The pipeline for a small chladone, the facilities, as a rule, copper, purity and simplicity of production and the division.
  4. Some of stainless steel pipes are used, mainly because of its purity, although it is more difficult to join.
  5. Most of the other pipes are made of mild steel. For working temperatures below -45C, only low-carbon steels with higher groove forces are used.
  6. Aluminium tube is used to a limited extent, a common freon and ammonia.
  7. Copper and its alloys are not used with ammonia.
  8. Sheet steel chimney, air conditioning components and outdoor equipment is made of galvanized steel.
Specific instructions on the materials and their use may be different reference materials.


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