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Technical information Chillers THE SINGLE CHILLER SYSTEM


In the basic configuration of the pipeline of the cooled water for one unit is shown in Fig. 2.1. Here one cooler provides chilled water cooling coils use one chilled water pump. For small systems, this configuration has the advantage of lower initial costs, but there are some major disadvantages:
  1. With one compressor system, failure of any component (compressor, pump, or condenser) cause without cooling. For most objects, it is unacceptable and the use of multiple chillers allows at least some cooling (50% or more), even if one unit fails. In cases when the cooling of the critical object (computer centers, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical and textile industries, and others), several plants at least one backup hmm often used. In this case, even if one unit fails, 100% of the designed heat load can still be made.
  2. As discussed in Chapter 1, after cooling the compressor load hmm falls below approximately 30% of the chiller capacity, chiller efficiency begins to decline. Thus, several chillers may allow better overall capacity-to-load ratio and improving operational efficiency.
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