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D-X and flooded evaporators

As D-X and flooded evaporators are used in many products. D-X devices, we show here today are widely used in air handling units for the oven, or in two parts (split) heat pump systems. Such systems are described in detail in the next module. This coil designed for residential and small commercial applications from 1 to 15 tons. -Coil gets its name from its shape.

Basic pan, which coil sits condensate drain pan. He catches evaporator water that collects on all cylinders. Threaded plugs steel pipes on her left side connects to the condensate drain line, which routes the condensate to the location outside or within the brain. The smaller of the two refrigerant piping connections, as shown on the left side of the Bay, in the liquid line. The liquid is distributed to each of several (eight in this case) pipes of small diameter, called feeder tubes. They are shown here, along the bottom of the coil. They eat in separate circuits of the refrigerant in the evaporator.

Pipes that run vertically, from top to bottom coii, evaporator circuit connection points intake manifold, which runs horizontally at the bottom of the coil.

The header is connected to the larger of the two refrigerant piping connections, as shown on the left side of the roll. There are eight small vertical lines suction on this reel, because there are eight liquid supply line pipes; one circuit at the output for each contour on an input. This reel has eight separate refrigerant circuits running at the same time.

With a bias D-X evaporator coil shown here is in common use. It can be used upward flow from the top down, or horizontal air flow applications. For residential tonnage (about 1 to 5 tonnes), D-X evaporator can be sold at the plant of the Cabinet, which is designed for a particular direction of air flow. There is also a coil and a flat-screen convectors that may be available fields are converted to ensuring horizontal or vertical airflow. For example, the upflow and downflow version shown on the left, have their coils and condensate drain pans are constructed differently than the horizontal flow version has not, as shown on the right. It is important to observe the manufacturer of the air flow recommendations in order to avoid leakage of condensate from the tray. This can result in significant equipment and building damage.

This apartment D-X evaporator, as shown in the previous two schemes established for the rising flow of applications on top of the appliance.

Here is a horizontal flow D-X evaporator is fixed to the residential split-system in the attic. It can also be installed in the crawlspace below the first floor of the building. The air handler can be oven, or fan coil.

Mobile homes and homes built more than a crawl space often use the D-X-evaporators are designed for downstream furnaces or fan coil units, which are in the equipment closet.

D-X-evaporators are also used in packaged air conditioners about 1-1/2 to 5 tons of cooling capacity. In the "packaged" into the unit, all the components are located in one building that are installed outdoors. Commercial original equipment from 5 to 100 tons also use the D-X-evaporators. An example is the 3-1/2 tons device installed in a mansion, built upon the crawlspace. Another practical use for these products mobile home installations.

Window air conditioners, air conditioning maintenance, and through the wall air conditioners of different types of use D-X evaporator structures. This is a through-the-wall model is designed to work with a limited supply air duct system. Maintenance of air conditioning and window air conditioners, on the other hand, are for free air discharge in space without the help of air ducts. All of these types of products in the range from 1 / 2 to 3-1/2 tons of cooling capacity. Usually they are used for houses, apartments, townhouses, apartments, offices, schools, health resorts, hotels, and other

It is D-X evaporator provides about 30 tons of cooling capacity and is designed for installation in commercial unit, which is part of the split-system. Air moves horizontally through it.

Here is an example from everyday life of the product using the D-X evaporator for the cooling of liquids. This is a 100-ton Packed, piston liquid cooler uses the D-X cooler for cooling the liquid solution, which is piped areas (zones)that need cooling. These coolers are used for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and industrial refrigeration processes.

Here it is shown 2000 tons flooded evaporator installed on packaged centrifugal chillers. Centrifugal chillers always use the flooded evaporators to provide cooling capacity for refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial process works...

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