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Capacitor in the refrigeration cycle removes the heat of condensation of the refrigerant vapor. This heat is taken in the evaporator. Household refrigerators usually use the following types of capacitors, as shown in Fig. 4-13:
  • Battery static (natural convection).
  • Finned-forced convection.
  • Wire-static.
  • Plate-static.

Figure 4-13A is a regular battery type static capacitors. Static means that the circulation of air through the condenser tubes and fins-by natural convection. This is because warm air tends to rise. As the air in contact with ribs and pipe warms, it rises. Air cooler takes its place. Snorkels and flippers, as a rule, made of copper or steel.

Figure 4-13B is forced convection battery type condenser. Every time when the compressor is running a motor-driven fan forces air through the condenser.

Fig. 4-13 shows-wire type condenser, which uses small metal wires soldered or spotwelded to the condenser tubes.

This usuallv static capacitor.

The plate capacitor is shown in Fig. 4-13D. In this type of condenser tubes are soldered or brazed to a flat metal surface. This is a very common type of capacitor construction. It is used on many breast-freezers type. Condenser tubes are attached to the internal (isolation) side of the freezer outer shell. This type of capacitor is very easy to keep clean. You only need to wipe the surface of the body shell. For proper heat dissipation from the refrigerant vapor, always keep the condenser, the area is environmentally friendly.

Commercial systems use three types of capacitors:

  • Battery static, air-cooled,
  • Finned-forced convection, air-cooled,
  • Water-cooled pipe-in-pipe, and shell.
Battery static and finned-forced convection capacitors are built the same way as domestic capacitors. However, the battery static and finned-forced convection capacitors more. Finned-forced convection capacitors are used in many commercial refrigeration, Some applications of these, see Chapter 13.

Water-cooled condensers, as a rule, consist of two tubes, one inside the other. Water circulates inside the tube. The hot, compressed pairs circidates through the space between the pipes. These capacitors are usually referred to as the tube inside the tube condensers. They are very effective.

Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning have developed rapidly. Many connnunities now are experiencing difficulty in securing sufficient quantities of water for water-cooled condensers. Forced convection air-cooled condensers and cooling towers" is increasingly used in connection with water-cooled condensers...

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