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Pressure gauges

Direct indication of the conditions of operation of the compressor with pressure gauges at the suction, discharge and oil supplies. Such sensors are installed on or near the compressor. After the loss of pressure in the discharge line and suction are comparatively small, in most systems, these factors will be close to the conditions of the evaporator and condenser, and equivalent to the saturation temperature of condensation and boiling. To refer to these temperatures for refrigerants, pressure gauges will continue calibrations show their equivalent temperature (see Fig. 9.5).

Sensor mechanisms, mainly with Bourdon tube type, having a flattened tube element that distorts under pressure to change. Gas pulsation from the compressor will be transmitted along a short connecting tubes and can lead to premature failure of the mechanism of the needle. This can be damped, limiting tube with a valve or orifice, or filling oil sensor as shown in Fig. 9.5, or both. Sensor needles should not be allowed to noticeable flickering gas pulsation. Pressure transducers are used in comprehensive control circuits.


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