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In the flooded evaporator like circulates the refrigerant in the evaporator, which both use the battery and have a big, wet surfaces. Both types, almost filled with liquid refrigerant du ring their operation. They differ in the way refrigerant employed, dying battery location and diameter pipes used in the construction of the evaporator. While the refrigerant circulates evaporators use liquid pump, flooded evaporators use the force of gravity to cause a flow through the coil circuits. The refrigerant circulates in flooded evaporators circuits using the pressure generated by the difference between the height of the liquid in the battery and that in the evaporator.

Therefore, as a liquid in the evaporator evaporates, the pressure of the fluid in the battery is becoming more, causing the liquid in the evaporator to both levels to equalise. Because the level of the fluid in the battery is supported float control, battery always fill the evaporator so long as the thermal load is present. This design provides a more wetted surfaces inside the tubes, than the other two types of refrigerant feed strategy.

Battery flooded evaporator is fixed so that the level is maintained by the float control at the same height axis die top coil line.

This allows you to remain flooded evaporator at the same time allows steam to exit die die roll through the top half of the top tube. Because

the refrigerant circulates evaporators use the fluid pump height battery is not as critical. A similar process in the refrigerant circulates evaporators, vapour generated in the action boiling refrigerant in the evaporator circuits are separated from the liquid at the top of the battery. From there drawn into the suction line together with flashed refrigerant.

Because the pressure generated by the difference in heights of the liquid is small, flooded evaporators are built with large diameter pipes. This strategy reduces the differential pressure generated by the movement of the coolant. In the more moistened surface flooded evaporators in combination with large-diameter pipes as a result of these evaporators with high heat transfer rate from diree refrigerant feed types...

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