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Water Cooled Condenser

When discussing the air-cooled condensers, it was noted that the ambient air temperature will affect the efficiency of the device. The higher the ambient reaches more design temperature, the greater the device becomes ineffective. For this reason, water cooled made their entrance. Of course, with water-cooled condenser has many advantages, together with his shortcomings. In some areas use water cooled residential & light commercial units. I cover it here for your information.

Water used as a coolant in air place. WaBTer passes through a heat exchanger where refrigerants contained in separate pipelines to give its heat to water. Fig. 15-5 shows some typical capacitors are constructed. Now, when you see the real capacitor and how this is done, you need to get the water to make it work.


Making the choice of whether to use air-cooled or water-cooled, water source should be studied very carefully.

Water can be provided from a well, city, sea water, brackish water, lake, pond, an artificial reservoir. You can see there are many options, however, the water content is very important. The reason is that you don't want constant struggle to keep the condenser clean from minerals or rust. Very rapid buildup on the inner surface, which leads to inefficient heat transfer is costly. Air-cooled condenser can be useful in this case, or perhaps a water purification system, which will be cost effective. In many areas where residential complex or a condominium complex uses community tower, the service charges are not too high if the chemical processing carried out with the water tower on a regular basis to keep separate condensers, which are located in separate apartments in purity. Individual air conditioning units may vary the volume from two to five tons. It may be necessary for you to know how plumbing.

On Fig. 15-6 pipe-in-pipe " type condenser shown. It is very common in residential packaging units. The package can be rucked neatly in the closet where it connects to the water riser that is generally built into the wall. All the apartments are located above and below using one hand. Each apartment has a set of valves on the main riser in the case of devices must be removed; water valves can be closed. What happens when the water valve is not closed completely? Never, never, never cut pipe until you are sure that the faucet holding. If not, you may be emptying community water tower, in a few expensive carpeting in someone's apartment and the apartment below. If the valve does not hold, it is necessary to find the shut-off valves for the whole of the riser. Drain valves somewhere below, and this, and should be found to fill the stack, so that new valves can be installed. It is always a good policy to try and make all owners that riser agree to renew the valves at the same time. You might want to turn the whole thing over another-service of the company.


The water-cooled condensers, some are sealed and some created with bolted end plates that allow a specialist for his service. Sealed capacitor, such as " pipe-in-pipe " purified acid with a circulating pump. The intake and discharge side of the circulating water circuit the capacitor is open. Fittings are placed on both sides to accommodate the water hoses. One end of the hose is placed in the socket and the other end of the hose is used on the discharge side of the acid circulating pump. Fig. 15-7 shows a typical acid circulating pump. The pump is installed in a five-gallon plastic bucket. Another hose attached to outiet side of the condenser, and the other end of the hose is placed on the bottom of the bucket. In gallons of sulfuric acid is placed in die bucket and distributed through the die capacitor. The same acid can be used again, but the acidity must be checked frequently with litmus paper. If the acid level drops, more acid should be added. With this cleaning procedure, make sure there is plenty of ventilation. You may need a small fan to remove fumes. This procedure lasts about an hour. Promotes the excretion of minerals that isolation of the capacitor and impede heat transfer. High head, is one of the symptoms of a possible capacitor problem. Fig. 15-8 another closed-type capacitor called coil-in-shell. He also cleaned the same as the Bushman in the pipe clean.


Fig. 15-9 is a trumpet in the shell of the capacitor. This type of devices used in the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment-from small to very large units. Cleaning of this type are difficult to make. This condenser built with end plates removed for cleaning. Long rod is used something similar to the Ramblarod used in the rifle cleaning. Wire brush attached to the end of the rod. With an electric drill (usually 3/4-hp slow speed drill is used), each pipe water circuit is cleared. After the brush is put through a pipe, it is washed with water. Keep the light in one end and looking down the other (again, as in cleaning the barrel of the gun)you can see and mineral deposits. The same tube can be renamed and rinse with water several times deposits before the break.


A quick way to check the efficiency of the condenser to touch the output of water and coolant (liquid) on the outlet of the condenser. Refrigerant should be warm, not hot. Exit the water should be warm to the touch. If water in the outlet pipe is too cold, or too much water flowing through it or not heat transfer occurs. If the wall outlet is very hot, there is a limit of water supply.


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