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Hermetic Compressor Types Of Engines

There are four General types of single-phase motors. Each has very different characteristics. Compressor motors are designed for specific requirements regarding the starting torque and performance management. These two reasons why different types of motors required to meet different needs.

Resistance-start induction-run
Resistance-start induction-run RSIR) engine is used in many small hermetic compressors in 1/3 HP Engine has a low starting torque. He should be applied to the fully self-leveling a capillary tube systems, such as domestic refrigerators, freezers, small water coolers and dehumidifiers.

This motor has a high resistance to the start winding, which is not intended to remain in the chain after the motor came up to speed. Current relay, you must disable the start winding as the engine comes to the design speed (see Fig. 9-36).

Capacitor-start induction-run
Capacitor-start induction-run (CSIR) engine such RSIR.

However, starting capacitor in series with the start winding, higher starting torque. This motor is widely used in commercial refrigeration systems, with a rating through 3/4 PS (see Fig. 9-37).

Capacitor-start and run (CSR), motor organization uses the start capacitor and capacitor in parallel and in series with the start of the motor windings. This motor has a high starting torque and works effectively. It is used in many refrigeration and air conditioning 5 hp. Potential relay removes the start capacitor with circuit after the motor is up to speed. Isolated relay must be an exact match the compressor (see Fig. 9-38). Effective work depends on it.

A permanent split capacitor
Permanent split capacitor (PSC) has run capacitor in series with the start winding. As a capacitor, and began winding remain in the circuit during launch and once the motor is up to speed. Engine torque enough for capillary and other self-adjustment system. No start capacitor or relay needs. OJSC motor, in fact, is the Air conditioning compressor motor. Very often through the 3 PS It is also available in 4 and 5 HP dimensions (see Fig. 9-39).

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