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Refrigerator Open Compressor Drive

There are many of these old-timers rumbling around the world and still doing the job. Some of you may have never seen one of them, and never will be, but you need to know about it in case of need for a specific application. These compressors are available in different sizes : from one (1) power, PS They can be used for Air conditioning or refrigeration application. The biggest advantage of this type of compressor choice driving force you want. In compressor a drive shaft protruding from it. The shaft can take or pulley or coupling. For example, I've service devices, such as this one, driven by a six-cylinder internal combustion engine fuelled by propane. The biggest advantage of this application management capacity. With the engine, the throttle is associated with the thermostat, the engine is at idle when there is no load. This type of compressor can be driven by electric motor, combustion engine or turbine.

In other great benefit of this compressor that it can be installed in an area that does not have enough energy to drive large compressors.

For all the good, bad. Two major flaws about open-compressor drive is its physical dimensions and critical alignment. As you can see in Fig. 3-10 should be a closer match between the compressor and the driving force. If the alignment goes beyond the specifications, before shaft oil seal begins leak. Both refrigerant and oil will go here. Alignment with surge protector at regular intervals and is prudent.



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