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Productivity of the compressor

The volume of gas pumped from the compressor will always be less than the physical movement of the piston in the cylinder. Re-extending losses have already been mentioned and other losses are illustrated in Fig. 4.15. Volumetric efficiency (VE) account for all damages, affecting the flow rate of the compressor. Landmark condition of gas, temperature and pressure P1 T1 on entry or suction. Heat pick up for the loss of the motor is switched on in case of closed type. In practice VE is close to linear differential pressure, as shown in Fig. 4.16. The most important element of the volume of losses in piston engines of multiple extensions. Its effect is not too serious because restored in the process of re-expansion.

Energy efficiency compression is defined with reference to the ideal of adiabatic compression process. Isentropic input power is the minimum amount of energy required for compression of gas mass flow rate, m, P1, T1, to P2. The real power will always exceed the isentropic power because of the loss shown in Fig.

4.17 . The amount of the loss will depend

type of compressor, and a rough order of 10% losses of the engine (motor efficiency of 90%), 10% losses on friction and 10% of the flow and heat transfer losses. In practice, the values of isentropic efficiency (IE) above 70% is a very high efficiency compressor. It is difficult for designers to get more benefit from the compressor. General I.E. trends are illustrated in Fig. 4.18 . These are not related to a specific product and the manufacturer shall be consulted to establish certain values. Published data quote performance in terms of cooling capacity, power consumption, and the constitutional court, and these values reflect the basic characteristics of efficiency.


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