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My system uses the generator is charged with water and ammonia. The source of heat, as a rule, kerosene flame heats this decision in the generator ammonia evaporates and driven off. Capacitor, in the upper part of vapor condensation ammonia in liquid. Fluid flows by gravity to the receiver, and then to the evaporator. During the development cycle, little or no cooling effect is the place to be. As the cooling system pressure drops, causing the liquid ammonia in the evaporator to a boil and absorb heat. The loop ends when the evaporation of ammonia is absorbed in the generator.

Figure 3-19A shows the cycle of generation. In operation, kerosene burner, fill the tank with enough kerosene per cycle. This cycle as a rule, once a day. The burner is filled and lit a cigarette. It heats the water and ammonia mixture (reddish-brown) in the generator. Ammonia vapor (light red dish-brown) is driven away through a tube to the capacitor, C, ammonia gas cools and condenses into a liquid ammonia (red). The fluid enters the receiver. When kerosene was all burnt up (usually 20 to 40 minutes), generating cycle ends.

Cooling cycle, now begins. Cm. Fig. 3-1913.

The system pressure drops as the water cools and absorption of ammonia vapours. Liquid ammonia (dark blue) enters the evaporator, starts to evaporate, and cools it. Evaporated ammonia (light blue) threads through the tube, she again absorbed by water in the generator. Refrigeration and usually until the next shot kerosene burner.

This type of refrigeration system is quite simple. Pipelines steel welded, because the pressure on the generation of a cycle are quite high. Cooling capacity, it is not bad. Kerosene flame heated absorption refrigerators popular in areas where electricity is not available.


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