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Frozen Desserts

This section describes frozen desserts, but the discussion will be limited to those desserts consumed in frozen, for example. ice cream and low-fat versions: frozen yogurt, sorbets and sorbets. Such desserts as a rule, contain dairy ingredients and froze in a scraped-surface freezer. In addition, there are several types of desserts that can be frozen, including bakery desserts (cakes, pies and other - unfired, burnt or ready for use), on the basis of starch or gelatin-based creams and puddings, raw materials and processed fruits, sweet whipped toppings, and much more. These products are characterized by thawing before use.

In these products, freezing steps should be optimized for the preservation of the quality parameters that were inherent in the original product before freezing to deliver to the consumer of the final product, was not affected by the process of freezing. Like most other frozen products, the time of freezing and storage temperature is the most important parameters to be optimized. Quick freezing helps small ice crystals, which minimize damage to the structure and water dislocation.

Low and constant temperature storage support this population ice crystals minimize ice recrystallization. Desserts often provide a challenge due to the formulation of the result of its high sugar content. This creates a low freezing point of the solute effects and stop concentration, which leads to a high content of unfrozen water in a typical storage temperature compared products, such as vegetables or meat.

Thus, it is essential that the desserts be maintained at the minimum storage and distribution of temperature is possible. Functional ingredients such as polysaccharide, stabilizers or modified starches may be used to help monitor the redistribution of water and ice recrystallization. The remainder of this section will focus on desserts consumed in frozen, with discussion of specific ice cream, unless otherwise specified. The reader is referred to Goff, Marshall et al. and Goff and Hartel for further details than those provided here.


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