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Evaporator functions

If the evaporator is located indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of equipment in which it is used, and the application. She always downstream from the metering device. Refrigerant enters the liquid line from the metering device and goes through the suction line of flows in the direction of the compressor.

Evaporator of the heat exchanger, which absorbs heat in a cooling system. Evaporator gets cool, low-pressure liquid refrigerant from the dispenser liquid refrigerant vapor turns into approximately the same temperature as the liquid. Heat substances being cooled removed as the substance contacts evaporator. The substance may be air, water, other liquid or a solid. Thus, the temperature of the substance is reduced to the required level.

This pressure-enthalpy (P-H) diagram shows changes of pressure, the saturation temperature and enthalpy of the refrigerant as it passes through each of the four components.

We expected compressor and condenser functions in the previous modules. Now we consider the plot for the evaporator. In the next module, we will be the names of the metering device.

Refrigerant leaving dozatora the liquid gets in the evaporator in point 1 of low pressure and low temperature, saturated liquid with a slightly saturated vapor mixed. The saturation temperature is determined by the pressure in the evaporator. As it absorbs heat, refrigerant boils, changes in the saturated steam at the same temperature as the liquid. In most cases, as shown here, a little more heat is absorbed by the refrigerant, thus overheating of the refrigerant vapor about 10F. refrigerant leaves the evaporator, paragraph 2, as a low pressure and low temperature of superheated gas is only slightly warmer than it was when he walked in. He is now moving through the suction line and is drawn into the compressor suction. Pressure in refrigerant circuit is almost constant during this process. The temperature of the refrigerant remains fairly stable, but there is significant growth in enthalpy of the refrigerant.

Here are some typical changes of the evaporator will R-22, comfort air conditioning systems. In this example, we have assumed, without the fall of the refrigerant pressure from the time he enters the evaporator, while she would leave him. Actually, there will be a slight decrease in pressure caused by the resistance of the flow of refrigerant in each of the evaporator circuit. We showed how the pressure is constantly because changing a slight...

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