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Air-cooled condensers reject heat absorbed by the cooling system directly in the open air. Normal version (peak load) conditions, refrigerant about 25-30F warmer than the air, which he rejected. This means that the saturation temperature of 120-125F characteristic in the capacitor at the outdoor air is 95F. When compared with water-cooled condenser, air cooling system requires greater the difference in temperature between the coolant and the middle where it is cooled. Although this makes it a lot less energy efficient, simple design holds first-cost and low maintenance expense. For these reasons, the vast majority of residential air conditioning (up to 5 tons) and commercial air conditioning equipment (up to 50 tons) use air-cooled condensers.

Here is a comprehensive system of cooling almost everyone in North America uses daily. Modern household refrigerators and freezers of the upright is his capacitors below the rack, as shown here. A small fan is used to pull air through the condenser coil and the exhaust air back into space.

Other models with natural draught, condenser at the back of the enclosure.

The modern design allows zero-clearance of installation and use more compact heat exchanger of the condenser, it also makes the coil are more prone to dust, dirt and pet hair from the floor. Periodic condenser cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, it is important to avoid excessive high discharge pressure and temperature. This is the main reason compressor failure in these products. Clean the condenser will support the cost of operation of the device down.

In total residential applications, a capacitor, combined with a compressor, a metering unit and the evaporator and the controls in this 3 1/2-tons of packaged residential unit. They are available for residential Central air conditioning, requiring 1 1/2 to 5 tons of cooling capacity. The condenser coil is visible through the grillework at the end of the device of air cooling.

The window of the room, and through the wall air conditioners of different varieties is another kind of packaged product, which uses air-cooled condenser. This is a through-the-wall model is designed for service with a limited supply air duct system. His office is flush with the outer wall, while the grillework extend a little further. Maintenance of air conditioning and window air conditioners, on the other hand, are designed to free air in air-conditioned comfort without the help of air ducts. The combination of these types of products ranging from 1/2 to 3 1/2 tons of capacity and are used for houses, apartments, townhouses, apartments, offices, schools, health resorts, hotels, and other

In this application, capacitor, combined with the compressor and the necessary piping, wiring, and control, as air cooled condensing unit. In 2 to 5 ton range, air-cooled condensing unit is one of the most popular residential cooling products. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Extract air fan vertically how the device works, or horizontally.

The air handler is required. Supply and return piping system shall be heated or cooled air to the room and then back into the air handler be due again. The evaporator and the metering devices are in the air handler, which is called the fan coil. The model shown here is installed horizontally in an attic crawlspace. Horizontal furnace can be used instead of the fan coil unit. This system can also be installed in the crawlspace below the first floor of the building, and not to cover overheads.

Here is another split system that uses air cooled condensing unit. This time top to bottom of the furnace was used as an air handler for the supply of hot or cold air into the room through the duct system below the floor. This arrangement is popular for mobile homes and residences, located above the crawlspace...

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