Rotary compressor construction

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Construction of rotary compressors

Rotary compressors are usually designed as a welded joint sealants. As welded hermetic reciprocating compressors engine and run vertically drive shaft, the compressor casing, with the engine on top of the compressor. Unlike reciprocating hermetic compressors where engine and compressor Assembly internally mounted on springs or rubber feet to eliminate vibration, rotary, as a rule, has a rigid structure with all of vibration isolation done for the compressor shell. In addition, the compressor has a tendency to be more compact, ton-ton, than reciprocating compressor. Finally, swivel design allows the intake valve is to be eliminated, but there is a dump valve to prevent reverse flow of the refrigerant in the compressor when it is off.

Performance Management

Rotary compressors are used most often at home appliances, room air conditioning and Central air conditioning applications below 5 tonnes. They compete with small hermetic welded piston for this market. As reciprocating compressors below 5 tonnes, rotary compressors, use the on-off Cycling and motor speed control for performance management.


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