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Capillary Tube Replacement

The most effective work with capillary tube system is determined at the time of its manufacture. Cap tube having a certain length and hole (hole diameter) is selected along with a proper system of charging. If the cap of the tube must be replaced due to the obstruction, kink, or break, it should be replaced with one having similar flow resistance properties. If replacement of the cover tube, too short or hole is too large, it will not have enough resistance to the system worked effectively at the design conditions. Reduced resistance allows too much refrigerant to flow through the handset cover, leading to overfeed the evaporator and possibly flooding back to compressor.

The higher the bit rate you can also remove the liquid seal in the condenser, allowing the pair to enter the tube. This condition will periodically reduce the refrigerant flow through the cap of the tube, causing an increase of the temperature of the evaporator. Reduction of the refrigerant flow through the tube causes fluid to back in the condenser.

As a liquid seal restored, the refrigerant flow to the evaporator increases, reduction of temperature of the coil. These fluctuations in the flow of refrigerant produce corresponding fluctuations in the temperature of the evaporator, with works, as a rule, below the setpoint. Conversely, replacement cap tube that is too long or less than the design of cylinder will starve evaporator refrigerant. Supercooled liquid will be stored in the capacitor, because it cannot flow through the tube cover the same pace as compressors, tanks. This reaction causes the condensing pressure and flow through the tube cover to increase temporarily increasing the cooling effect. Therefore, the temperature of the evaporator will fluctuate above the desired temperature.

If there is only capillary, there is a hole that is larger than factoiy diameter pipe length is increased to obtain the necessary increase in the flow resistance. Conversely, if the only available cap of the tube there is a hole that is less dian in factoiy diameter pipes lengdi reduced to receive necessaiy increase the flow resistance. Tables are available to die from the replacement of tube manufacturer specify changes diat should be made to ensure a response similar to the original tube cover.

System using cap tube works at maximum efficiency in the unified complex of design operating conditions. Operations on all other conditions reduces the efficiency of the system, because the associated modulate refrigerant flow yield of working temperatures, which deviate from the setpoint. However, self-compensating response cap, the phone gives a satisfactory service for a reasonable range of operating conditions...

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