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Master level control is the positive, liquid level control, the device is suitable for all flooded evaporators (see Fig. 11-45). Master level control is a standard thermostatic expansion valve level-master element. The combination provides a simple, cost-effective and high-performance liquid level control. Ordinary light bulbs thermostatic element was changed to insert-type lamp, which includes the low power of the heater. 15 W heater is supplied as standard. For applications below 60F (51C) boiling point, a special 25-W heater.

Insert the lamp is installed in the battery or separator at the point of the desired level of liquid. As at the level of insert the ball falls electrically added heat increases the pressure in the thermostatic device and opens the valve. As the level of liquid in the bulb rises, electric power supply for a balanced heat transfer from a lamp for liquid refrigerant. Level-master control or modulating or eventually disconnects. Pressure in the evaporator and spring help in ensuring positive closure.

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