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Water As A Secondary Refrigerant

Some commonly used secondary refrigerants water, calcium or sodium chloride brines or propylene, ethylene and glycol. Water has a low viscosity, high specific heat, high coefficient of films and low-pollution potential, making it a great secondary refrigerant. Thus, water is commonly used as a secondary refrigerant in large systems of air conditioning and process cooling applications where the temperature I heat transfer coils and piping never drops below the freezing point of water. It also has the advantage of being inexpensive and relatively corrosion.

In air conditioning applications, cooling water circulates through the air cooling (a heat exchanger, called chilled water coil. It represents a closed configuration where impurities are not enter during normal system operation. Chilled water can be delivered to the water, paint sprayers, where it is sprayed into the air stream from the nozzles. Heated water is collected in a pool at the bottom of the spray unit and returned hmm barrel cooling. As the air passes through the spray of water is cooled to a temperature below the dew point, a certain amount of water vapor condenses out of the air and carried to the pool splashing water.

Impurities pulled out of the air stream to collect the liquid and go through the cooler barrel. This is an example of an open system. Maintenance and cleaning of water required for open systems is much greater than required for closed systems. For this reason closed systems die preferred method of secondary cooling applications. In open and closed systems of cooling, the volume of cooling and dehumidification, what happens is controlled by varying the temperature and flow rate of cooling water.

Water is also used as a secondaiy refrigerant in small beverage coolers and farm equipment used for cooling of milk cans. In these applications, high electrical conductivity of water allows faster cooling die product than is possible with coolers. In addition, water is a relic of capacity (heat capacity), which dampens the temperature fluctuations as a result of short-time loading of the refrigerator...

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