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High-pressure valves

One-flooded evaporator system, float valve can be installed which will pass any outflow of fluid from the condenser for direct evaporator. The action is the same as the steam trap. The float chamber at a pressure in the condenser and the control is called high pressure with a floating point (Fig. 8.9).

High pressure float switch will help capacitor drained without the need for high-pressure receiver. The level of the evaporator is fixed on the system Board. A low-battery systems with the use of shell and plate heat exchangers and spray chillers perhaps with the help of this method. Type float valve Fig. 8.10 can work with ammonia or carbon dioxide refrigerants. Economizer circuits with float switch expansion of the liquid in the intermediate tank flash extension is used for low-temperature applications. This control cannot feed more than one evaporator, because it cannot determine needs.

The difficulty of the critical charge may be, allowing you to overcome any excess liquid refrigerant from the evaporator to spill over into the receiver or the battery in the suction line and boil it with warm fluids, leaving the condenser.

In this system of low pressure circuits of the receiver, the fluid is drained from the condenser through a high pressure float, but in the final stages of pressure drop in additional expansion valve after a warm fluid passed through a coil in the receiver. Thus, thermal energy to boil the surplus of the liquid at the outlet of the evaporator (see Fig. 8.11). Two heat exchangers are to wear warm liquid in the tank capacitor. The first coil is located in the upper part of the receiver, and provides enough overheating, to make sure that the gas is fed into the compressor in the dry state. The bottom coil boils excess fluids, with the evaporator itself. With this method of delivery of the refrigerant in the evaporator better internal wetted surfaces, improving heat transfer.

Speed refrigerant depends on pumping speed of the compressor. The number of evaporating will depend on the thermal load and when there is sufficient charge to be flooded evaporator under any circumstances, and there is sufficient heat transfer surface, self-regulating system.

Low-pressure receiver system can be adapted to the connection compression and can be fitted with hot gas defrost with the help of reverse gas flow. In both circuits low-pressure receiver provides the safety of the ship to prevent the liquid inside the compressor. Providing the high-pressure float correct size, this system can work capacitor at low pressures, energy saving compressor cooler weather. Where Halocarbon refrigerants used in the system, oil distillation unit is equipped with.....

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