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Automatic gas purgers

Refrigerant leakage can be reduced by cooling the mixture of gases and, thus, reducing the ratio. With the help of the refrigerating clean the device, which is designed for cooling the mixture down to the temperature of the evaporator (for example, - 35C in shock freezing plant), the ratio will be

Steam pressure R407C - 35C = 1.5 bar partial pressure of non-condensible gas = 10.2-bar

The ratio is now becoming 10 g R407C lost per kilogram of air. Automatic gas purgers are collecting tank of gas mixture built-in cooling coil connected to the main suction, or with its own cooling system. Condensed refrigerant is returned in the condenser, and any gas left in the tank will not condensible and can be thrown out on the inverted bucket trap.

Gas cleaning should always be outdoors. Production of ammonia-air mixture, usually through a flexible tube into the water container. The water engulf ammonia, and any visible bubbles rise to the surface, will, and other gases...

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