Pipe valve supports - Pipe valve supports

Technical information Installation and Construction Pipe supports. valve access

The pipe supports. valve access

Pipelines should be properly supported on a permanent basis limiting stresses and deformations. Supports must allow for expansion and contraction, which will occur in use, you should take special care with long straight runs, which can greatly expand when it is hot. It is known to cause distortion, high voltage and equipment failure. The pipelines that can become a convenient springboard for persons should be protected from damage other fortifications protection in isolation.

Valves, especially those who may be operated in a hurry, and this means that most, if not all of them), should have easy access. Where they are out of reach, dependence should not be placed on the moving stairs, which may not be there when you need it, but constant access. Chain drive can be installed in large valves to allow remote operation.

Emergency shutdown valves must not be placed in tunnels, channels, since workers may be exposed to additional risk, attempting to control them.....

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