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Installation and Construction

Successful exhibition platform for construction of the plant requires coordination of the following:
  • Access node
  • Delivery on time, and its safe storage, materials
  • Figures, schemes, details of pipelines, control and electrical diagrams, lists, materials and other similar details
  • The presence at the right time to specialized trades and services builders, lifting equipment, workers, fitters, welders, electricians, fitters and other
Now the work is mainly carried out by subcontractors, representing specialist trades. It is important that the authorities and actions of the Executive power is concentrated in the hands of the chief contractor and that this authority is recognized subcontractors. If not, delay and inaction will occur, with shared responsibility and the absence of corrective measures.

The Supervisory authority shall, prior to commencement of work, to organize delivery of materials and progress graph and see that all subcontractors (and customer) of the agreement and that they are aware of any changes.


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