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Thermocouple Thermometers

Thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals. After metals are heated, they give EMF (electromotive force or voltage). This electricity can be measured with a standard type of meter is designed for measuring small amounts of current. The instrument can be calibrated in degrees, instead of ampere, mil-liamperes, or MCA.

The use of thermocouples are placed in a medium that can be measured. Extension wires run from the thermocouple to the meter. Counter gives a temperature reading in a remote location. The wire may be executed outside a closed chests and service. There is no difficulty in closing a door, and wire will not pinch. On Air conditioning work, one thermocouple can be placed in the supply grid, and the other in the opposite grille. Readings can be taken seconds without processing thermometer.

Thermocouple easily on a film on the surface of the pipes to check the temperature inside the chassis. It's a good idea to probe isolation from the surrounding and radiated heat. Although this type of thermometer rough, it should be handled carefully. Should not be handled roughly. The thermocouple should be protected from aggressive chemicals and fumes. The manufacturer's instructions on the protection and use are supplied with the instrument.


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