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HCFCs in commercial refrigeration

In many article 5 countries, commercial refrigeration equipment traditionally dominated the smaller plug-in systems, as well as the Windows and cooled individual condensing units. The introduction of large Central systems was limited to newer and larger supermarkets.

These systems in shops and stores were often cooled with R-12 and to some extent R-502 in the cold temperatures. With increasing pressure CFCs phased transition to R-22 has happened in many countries, first of R-404A R-507 were adopted as refrigerants for this sector. In the process of phasing out of R-22 from commercial systems, R-404A and R-507 are used as an alternative to more than Air conditioning. The use of R-22 in commercial refrigeration is significantly more complex than refrigerants he replaces or ODS alternatives developed for this sector. This is due to the properties of R-22, which cause an increase in temperature of the compressor, require significant changes in the system, or quick fixes, such as installing water jets for конденсаторы.


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