Refrigeration professional who chooses and operates compressors must have a clear understanding of how the evaporating and condensing temperatures affect cooling capacity and power requirements of the compressor. The compressor is often called the heart of the refrigeration system, but it must interact with other components in the system. Each component affects the performance of the system as a whole, and two operational variables for which the compressor most sensitive are the temperatures of evaporation and condensation. Two features are the most important for the designer and operator of the cooling capacity and power consumption.

Throughout the book, and the entire industry, compressor characterized as having refrigerating capacities. Of course, cooling evaporator, not compressor. Pointing out that a compressor has a certain cooling capacity in kW (tonnes of refrigeration) means that the compressor is able to pump refrigerant flow, which will provide the stated cooling capacity evaporator.

Part of this Chapter is devoted to showing and explaining the influence of the temperature of evaporation and condensation on the cooling capacity and power consumption.

Designer and operator of refrigerating systems must constantly reckon with how the conditions imposed on the compressor saturated suction temperature and condensing temperatureinfluence of two major factors affecting the performance of the cooling capacity and power consumption. In addition to knowing the trends, consequences of these developments are crucial. In addition to citing these productivity trends, in the next few sections will explain, from thermodynamics and pumping characteristics of piston compressors, why trends occur.


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