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Most of refrigerated cooling processes also include the removal of moisture. This process has been studied from all sides. There are some very interesting approaches, which are available from different sources. A good starting point is to give an overview of what you know about the temperature and its measurement.

Air-conditioning and heating for comfort purposes, you should also know something about the Hu-midification. The word "reasonable" implies that the heating or cooling takes place at a constant humidity. Although the humidity ratio remains constant, can be a change in relative humidity of air. As the dry bulb thermometer temperature rises, the air will retain more moisture saturation.

If the air flow passes through a water spray so that the outgoing air is saturated adiabat-ically (without heat loss or gain), then the process can be illustrated by charts. Permanent W.B process and the final wet and dry bulb temperature are equal. In practice, a process called evaporative cooling, saturation.

Efficiency of the air filter or evaporative cooler is the ratio of the dry bulb difference from point 1 to point 2 in primary difference between the dry and wet bulb temperature.

Psychrometry (from the Greek Adonis-which means "cold") is the science and practice of air mixtures and their control. Science deals mainly with dry air, water, steam mixtures, and the specific heat of dry air and its volume. It also deals with heat, water, heat of evaporation or condensation, and the specific heat of water vapor in the link to moisture mixed with dry air. Psychrometry is a specialized field of thermodynamics...

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