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In addition to moisture

In addition to the moisture on airstream difficult to control, since the water remains in the device at the moment of switching off the moisture. For this reason, heat humidifyre-heat cycle, as shown in Fig. 22.2, preferably, as the final heater control can compensate for the emissions.

Air conditioning, washing machine, require water purification and bleed-off, because of their concentration of salt in the tank. The ferry will be free of such impurities, but the pot will need to pay attention to remove accumulations of hardness.

Mist and spray humidifiers, if the water is clean, leave powder Deposit of these salts in the conditioned space.

The use of standard factory package air conditioners keep close humidity, together with the individual humidifier for correction drying, is often a source of energy losses, as can operate simultaneously. Packaged units, if specially built for duty, will pull down to 45% saturation or below, in the conditions of the UK. Humidity tolerance for process air conditioning, such as computer and standards rooms can often be 45-55% saturation, and this differential gap must be wide enough to prevent the concurrent operation of both humidification and dehumidification plant.


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